What is CloudMates?

CloudMates now supports any school system anywhere in the world. We are a solution to enhance student to community engagement inside any school's educational system. We provide a platform that is mostly automated and customizable by the students which allow all students to experience resources not provided on third party platforms. CloudMates is built for the purpose of enchancing daily student life saving time, providing important resources and making a better school experience.

Why should I choose CloudMates?

CloudMates tailors each platform individually for schools in the shortest time possbile. Our goal is provide an experience to students unable to duplicate with generic management systems. We customize our platform to be suitable to the student community and education enviornment. But most importantly, CloudMates wants to provide free student life community platforms to all schools in society to enchance the educational experience around the globe.

What do I need to run CloudMates?

CloudMates is a web based application hosted on our servers. All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser with JavaScript enabled. We would recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience, but the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and other internet browsers should all work on both Macs & PCs.

How much does CloudMates cost?

Nothing. Thats right, our dream is to provide educational enchancments to student comnunities for all students in our society. Hosting costs seperate.

COVID-19 Campaign

What is this Campaign?

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11th, reaching more than 350,000 cases and 15,000 deaths. We want to provide support and care for the doctors and health care workers who risk their lives every single day while being away from their loved ones to care for us, the people of our society.

We have successfully contacted various health care providers in China to supply us with mass amounts of medical equipment (respiratory machines, COVID-19 test kits, masks, gown/coveralls, medical goggles, face shield, etc.). We ask that you support our society during these times of conflict in any way possible whether that be donating even 1$ towards medical equipment or sharing this friends and family so that we can together as human beings in our society, stop this Virus once and for all.

Is it Safe to Donate?

We are 100% safe as we use GoFundMe as our campaign partner to support and raise awareness to our cause.

Will I be recognized for my donation?

All of our donators and supporters will 100% be displayed publicly on our CloudMates website as well as our offical Campaign Page. We take our supporters very seriously and each supporter will receive a heartwarming email from us after any form of support. If you do not show up immediately, please wait up to 24 hours, then feel free to contact our support team.

I want to support this cause, but I dont have any money to spare.

That is perfectly fine, support in any way is appreciated always. Whether that means sharing our post or spreading awareness on social media or telling friends or family, we extend our furthest gratitude to any person who supports our fellow health care workers and families.


Is my school able to use CloudMates?

We welcome any school to use CloudMates to their benefit. Our goal is improve student community experience around the world, if you are interested, contact us to setup an initial meeting.


I want CloudMates, but my school doesnt have it.

We are happy that you want to use CloudMates. Just simply contact us, and we will talk to your school for you to setup CloudMates.


Who Runs CloudMates?

We are a group of students around Canada, creating a solution that we belive will unite students within each school, and improving many aspects we have noticed within the school system that can be better.

But Who's on the Team

CloudMates Team : Alen Niu, Kene Ochuba, Dhruv Sharma, Ian McCreadie, JoJo Ngai, Caleb Chong, Pierce Lapham, Jeffrey Li, Dean Francis, Elliott Ingram, Ibrahim Fadel, John Carmichael, Evan Rosenberg.


CloudMates is now free!

Students have already made CloudMates their go-to education service.

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