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Are you a student looking for delicious, fast and cheap options for lunch? Download our app, and have your food take "Flyte".

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Features that bring food to your Mouth

If you are craving something specific and dont want to waste time or money, Flyte brings the food straight to your hands.

icon Tons of Options
icon Easy to Customize Your Order
icon Driver to Restaurant

Endless Options!

  • We have put in the work and partnered with many different restaurants around your local area; including some of your favorite fast-food restaraunts.

  • We haven't forgotten about the delicious other options from all different cultures made available on our app.

“Working with Flyte was smooth, natural and support was amazing!”
Clarence Quintela, Manager, McDonalds on Avenue Rd.

Amazing Order Customizations!

  • Want lettuce, cheese, poutine with that order? Easily add any customizations right on the app with no extra stress.

  • Ordering with Flyte will give you the option to have your order just the way you want it.

“Okay, I am such a picky eater and I thought that this wouldnt be a good choice, but after seeing so many customization options on the app, with the ability to add sides, condiments, EVERYTHING, I fell in love right away!”
Joseph Ngai, Student, Upper Canada College

Resturant to Driver to Student!

  • We have perfected our ordering procedure. The whole system happens so smooth that when you order in the morning, the food will arrive hot and fresh right at the start of lunch break.

  • A clear order tracking system allows drivers, restaurants and students to keep track of every order.

“I barely had to stress, my phone showed the order very clear, the restaurant gave me the specific order right as I entered, and I delivered it to the student. IT was so simple!”
Howard Hua, Driver, Flyte Food Delivery

How does Flyte Work?

Our process is very organized and clean, allowing students to get their orders on time, hot, fresh and delcicious every single day.

Order on the App

Download the App, select your school, and order from available restaurants on the app.

Customize your Order

Using our powerful customization tools, choose how you like your food.

Delivered straight to your Hands

When you are done, hit the Order Now and enjoy your delicious lunch!

For Flyte Restaurants

Joining our Restaurant Program provides an amazing opportunity for your food to be experienced by hundreds of students on a daily basis. Guranteed, your order volume will increase and driven interest.

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