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A simple, proven way to enhance school experience.

One Platform

No more wasting time. Now, just visit your school's CloudMates and see needed resources updated by your students. Easy, simple, resourceful.


Communicate with everyone in your school. You can easily connect and engage with everyone in every grade at you school through your school's CloudMates.


Make your School like Family. With CloudMates, host events and community activities easily and effeciently. Be able to actively engage your community and make it like family.


CloudMates allows you to organize your school clubs, teams, and events.

Forgot your next club meeting? Forget the date of your next sports game? Wanna host an event? With CloudMates, you can easily organize everything clearly in one central place.

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So Many Resources

Be able to access all these resources set by you and more

These components are fully up to your school leadership to customize, update and engage with the school community. These are our fully custom core features.


All daily announcements, weekly scheldules, daily weather, and leaderboards will be here. With exclusive accessive for users with Administrative controls to edit the announcements and scheldules with a click of a button.

Weekly or Monthly Regarding the School will be posted here with clear, large components. Administrative students will be able to add, edit or remove announcements with a fully customized Editor to style it however they would like.

Beatiful Landing Page for students that can be used to access all of the schools other resources with a click of a button. This should act as a main page where students can visit all of their needed resources not provided at CloudMates effectively.

School's with dedicated Lunch Programs can easily change/edit a weekly or monthly menu for 1, 2 or more options. This will provide ease of access for students to be able to decide and know what lunch the school is providing for them, thus allowing them to make effecient decisions.

One of Our Most Key Features. This component allows students to create posts asking questions about anything related to the school either academic, athletic or others. Other students regardless of grade level can see these posts and provide helpful responses to each other. This is a tool meant to bring the community together, uniting students regardless of grade or passions.

An amazing opportunity for students to create their own club page to easily notify to members about club announcements, files, resources, and events. This also applies to sports teams and other groups.

Ontario Students need 40 Hours of Community Service but sometimes have trouble fulfilling these. Our Community Service Calendar will contain as many community service opportunities as possible in the next months in a clear and detailed way.

Any quick polls or surveys the student council/clubs/school administration wants to conduct, do it easily through our polls and voting system with strong authorization systems making fair results.


CloudMates Unites Community

Bring your school community closer, like family.

One Platform,
Solves Everything

View and Interact with all of your School Resources of Students. Anyone can take advantage of the community website for the school.

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Fast Management,
Easy to Organize

You will be able to customize almost everything in a matter of clicks. With enhanced moderation tools, the best experience arises..

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More than just a software

We shape the lives of our future.

Compelete Setup Guide

No more confusing options and choices. Everything will be fully detailed and explained to students on the hows and the whats of using the platform.

Security is our #1

Our company has implemented layers of high-end Security protection. We believe the privacy of our Users is the most important aspect. All user accounts information are encrypted through advanced encryption methods.

Super Easy Interface

Our interface is smooth and very easy to navigate. All the pages are named accordingly, with simplified management controls.


Super clean user
interface for easier use.

We have constructed a modern User Interface suitable to students of any school in North America. We love to help students in the best way possible, so we made our intereface easy to use, feature heavy and simply "Beautiful".

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